Friday, August 15, 2014

College Reunion

I have been waiting for this all summer long.
In 1978 I graduated from Post College in Waterbury CT with an Associates Degree.
It was a small College and I lived in an all girls dorm that housed about 40 students.
From the moment I moved in I knew that this was the place for me. 
 I met some wonderful girls & boys that would provide me with the best college memories ever.

Throughout the years I had lost touch with most of these friends, but through the wonderful
power of "Facebook", we have slowly begun to find each other and reconnected.
And This August, we finally had the mini college reunion in Connecticut that we have always
dreamed and talked about. Two of the girls I have seen in the past couple years, but the other three
I had not seen in 36 years!  YES  36 YEARS. But ya know what?? When we saw each other
we hugged and talked and laughed like it was 36 years ago.

So I am dedicating this Blog Posting to my "Forever Friends",
Dale Ann Robinson Whalen, Karen Morrison Border, Helena Kisken Stickles,
Laurie Renkiewicz Daigle, and Kathy Howard.

This blog is also in memory of our dear friends Laura Van Meter, and Ricky Stickles 
who left this world way too soon. You are never far from our hearts and thoughts.

And one last person I would like to dedicate this Page to is my 2nd year roommate and our
dear friend, Anna Wanda Dziegiel.  We have lost touch with you and have searched high and
low on the internet.  We will never stop trying to find you. 
Maybe you will join us for our 2015 Reunion in Boston.

 The Gang is all here!
Dale, Kathy, Amy, Helena,Karen, Laurie

 At East Hall, Post College...where are friendships all started.

 The Hotel was so sweet to give us a bottle of wine to celebrate our reunion

 A visit to Post College (Now Post University)...

 Kathy and Dale

 Karen and her husband Mark....Go Buckeyes!!

 Dale and her husband John.  Thanks for introducing us to the Relic Brewing Company

 The Administration Building at Post

The Campus Store had some nice looking hoodies that we wanted to purchase.
But they were not open

Peace Out...See you all next year in Boston!!

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