Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boston Harbor and Mystic River Cruise

 Fourth of July weekend I was invited to join my College friend Carol, her Sister Diane, and Diane's Boyfriend Dave, on a few day trips in Boston Harbor on Dave's Boat.
Being a boater out of Boston Harbor for many years, I jumped at the chance to spend the
wonderful and adventurous time with Carol, Diane and Dave. We had a great time and lots of laughs.
Sunday, Dave took us on a leisurely cruise from Marina Bay in Quincy, through Boston Harbor
and all the way down through the Mystic River and ending in the Lower Mystic Lake.
Came along for the Ride....

 Captain Dave

 The Nantucket outside Boston Harbor Boatyard and Marina

 Jets sky writing over Boston Harbor...
It says "Mohegan Sun * Go Sox"

 Mystic River Bridge

 One of the many low bridges in the Mystic River

 What a beautiful site going through the River.

 And of course some interesting graphic sites too

 Capturing the uniqueness of the bridges.

 Oops...the wind too Dave's hat..we had to turn around and fish it out.  This is the only thing we caught the entire trip.  :-)

 What a cool site, I felt like I was on a river in Italy.
It is fun traveling by boat, you get a new perspective.

Getting ready to go through the locks!!

Diane, Carol, and Me enjoying dinner at the Venezia Water Front Restaurant in Dorchester. We were able to dock the boat here.
 Diane and Dave outside the restaurant with Boston Harbor
in the background.. Thanks Captain Dave and First Mate Carol for a fun filled two days on the boat.

  And what a great way to end the weekend with
this beautiful sunset over Boston Harbor!!

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