Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Visit with My Ohio Family

I love visiting my Ohio Relatives.
My Dad grew up in Warren Ohio and is the oldest of 6 children.  
From his siblings there are 25 of us first cousins.
Now many of the cousins have their own families and some are even grandparents,
which makes this makes this ONE BIG Italian FAMILY.  
Here are photos from my recent trip to Warren Ohio in November 2013.

Thanks DAD for this GREAT FAMILY!!

Cousin Jack and his Grandson Logan

Tony and Sarah (my cousin Susie's son and his wife)


(sisters and my first cousin's daughters) Amy and Michele

Cousin Gary

Sisters (and my cousins) Darla, Janet, Nancy, Susie

Little Megan and Lauren

 Cousins (These are my first cousins' children)
Kimberly, Emily, Lauren, Megan

Aunt Helen, Jack, Uncle Whitey, Susie

Me with my Aunt Helen and Uncle Whitey

Cousins Bill and Barbara

Cousins Susie and Brenda

My Cousin Susie's first day as a 

Cousins Patty, Susie and Nancy

Cousin Billy

Cousin Jack

Cousin Marty

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