Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Vacation

I had a nice four day weekend for Labor Day this year, so
I decided to fly out to Warren, Ohio to visit my Italian relatives - my dad's side of the Family.
On The Sunday that I was there, my cousin Susie and her husband Jack hosted 
an Astolfi Family Reunion...about 60 relatives attended.  I was so happy to see everyone.
Here we all are!!

My cousins Nancy and Susie and I went to South River Winery in Geneva Ohio

Many know of this as the "church winery" because the winery is housed in this century old church
that used to be located in Shalersville, Ohio

We had some delicious wine picked out by Susie and we brought lots of food with use; cheese, crackers, olives, bread fruit, friend chicken...we had a really nice little picknick.

 Grapes on the vine at the winery

We then visited "Geneva on the Lake"

And on the way home drove through Amish County

Monday Morning Susie and I went to Mosquito lake.

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