Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ohio Cousin visits Massachusetts Cousins

My cousin Susie from Ohio came for a visit last weekend.
We had 4 days of  non-stop fun. We made the best of every moment.

 Cousins having dinner at Maple Street Tavern, Danvers

 Cousins having lunch at Ned Devines, Fanueill Hall Boston

 Cousins at Cheers in Boston

 Cousins having coffee and splitting a muffin at the Custom Cup in Danvers

 Cousins having Sushi at Mikado in Beverly

 Cousins having seafood in Rockport

 Cousins at Bear Skin Neck, Rockport
 Cousins at Tucks Candy in Rockport 

 My brother Tom, Sister Suzie, Cousin Susie, and Me in Merrimack NH

 My Mom and Dad with Cousin Susie

Cousins in Rockport at Motif #1

Me and my beautiful niece Allie

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