Saturday, March 24, 2012

365 Days of Danvers:1

Those who know my photographic journey know that I started a 365 project (taking a photo a day)
in May 2007, and I did this for two full years.  Since then I have improved my photography skills
tremendously, upgraded my DSLR  camera several times, photographed 4 weddings and lots of families, babies,
children and too many events to count.  I have secured several domain names for the internet and created my
own photo business, Amylou Photography, and created a web site that I proudly showcase my photos.
I have taken numerous classes/workshops at NESOP in Boston (New England School of Photography)
 and met some wonderful fellow photographers that are now some of my Good Friends.

So the time has come to jump start myself again and start another 365 Project.
This time, I am going to post a photo a day in the town that I grew up in, the Town that I now live in,
the town that I call Home, the town that I love....Danvers.

Here is Day 1: Ford Galaxy 500 that was at the High Street Gas Station that I purchase gas at regularly.


traveling cyst said...

ame this is a beautiful car and a beautiful're setting your daily bar kind of high... ;) ;) ;) ;) ---mark

traveling cyst said...

BTW, i see i am being called by my yahoo email name, also the website where i post my articles from the St. Lawrence NY county publication "Fourth Coast Entertainment"...traveling cyst the name of an impromptu rock group we had in college...just jam sessions really, with me on a borrowed keyboard...i had heard about a rare kind of cyst that doesn't stay in one place in your body but moves around...huh?!?!?!? just caught my fancy, what can i say...never actually had one...mine always stay put...