Monday, February 27, 2012

Movie Stars in Rockport Ma - 2008

Back in April 2008, Hollywood was filming the movie "The Proposal" on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
They did some shooting in Boston, Manchester, Rockport, Beverly.
I was fortunate enough to be able to see some of the filming in Rockport Ma and take some photographs.

This is Rockport's Motif #1 that the film-makers transformed into a fishing shack
 which was made up to look like it was in Sitka Alaska.

 Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock riding in the back seat of the  truck during the filming of a vehicle scene.

 Betty White and  Mary Steenburgen during a vehicle scene.

 Ryan Reynolds, one of the co-stars of the movie "The Proposal".

 Sandra Bullock and Mary Steenburgen taking a break in Rockport after finishing a scene.

 Sandra Bullock (center) chatting with Betty White and Mary Steenburgen

Sandra Bullock, Co-staring with Ryan Reynolds in "The Proposal" movie.

(c) all photos the property of Amylou Photography/Amylou Astolfi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wall Art in Sanford Florida

Pizza cook-off!!!

So, this January I went to Sanford Florida to visit my step-son Craig, and his girlfriend, Iris.
We had a great time and lots of laughs.  One night they decided to do a pizza cook off contest.
And they each had to make their own pizza and I was the judge...we had a lot of fun and i declared it a tie.

 Here is Iris making the perfect sized pizza.

 And this is Iris' pizza...doesn't it look yummy??

 Here is Craig slicing his tomato very very carefully.....

 And masterfully flipping his sausages.

And here is Craig's finished product.

Honestly...they were both very yummy pizzas.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Had the day off today so went for a walk with a friend on West Beach in Beverly Farms 
and Singing Beach in Manchester MA. Got a great walking work out, collected lots of
wonderful pieces of sea glass and took a few photos. All in all it was a great day!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It pays to have your camera with you at all times.
As I was leaving my house to go to the beach to search for seaglass this afternoon, 
I came upon this 1957 Ambulance, previously owned by Lyons Ambulance Service in Danvers, MA.
I stopped to take photos just as it was being picked up and delivered to is new owners In Maine.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Amylou got some pretty roses today!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny 16

This Winter I have been taking a 10 week photo workshop class at NESOP ( New England School of Photography) in Kenmore Square Boston.  The class is titled "Creative Lighting I" and I must say
I love the class, the teacher is awesome and I am learning lots.  Last Tuesday's class was all about "Sunny 16".
So this past friday was a beautiful blue sky sunny day so i took a shot at this technique
I set my ISO to 200, Shutter speed at 200 and aperture at f/16.