Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mansfield Training School and Hospital

Mansfield, Connecticut // "Mansfield Training School and Hospital was a facility for the mentally disabled located in Mansfield, Connecticut, and run by the state of Connecticut. It was active from 1860 to 1993. Its former campus in Mansfield is a 350-acre historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.
The hospital opened in Lakeville in 1860 as the Connecticut School for Imbeciles at Lakeville. Its name was changed to the Connecticut Training School for the Feebleminded at Lakeville in 1915. Two years later, it merged with the Connecticut Colony for Epileptics (founded at Mansfield in 1910) and acquired its present name."
My friend Ken invited me to join him in an exploration photo shoot of this abandoned facility. We spent a lot of time walking around each building (there were probably about 6 or so) and taking shots of interesting things and findings on the outside as well as photographing inside through broken windows.  Near the end of our exploration of the campus, I spotted a door propped open by an old chair left by a previous visitor. This building seemed to be one of the dormitories.  The True exploration had just begun.....Please enjoy some of these photos from the inside of this building.


Matt said...

So, I did some reading about this facility. I learned that a lot of abuses took place here. After I saw this place on a show made by SyFy, it made me wonder why people would treat others with mental illness so badly? What made this behavior acceptable? An how can people not feel anything for these people since they had to endure such poor conditions? I find it to be rather unsettling that a place like this should be aloud to still stand. I would think that if anyone had any level of integrity still in them, that they would demolish this place to dust for what it represented.

Vanessa Eichelberger said...

I totally agree 100%.