Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nanda's Family

Early morning Saturday and just looking through some of my photo archives.
I came across this small photo group of my friend Nanda and her family from May 2011.
Just wanted to share these will my blog followers.

 Lucas and Nanda



Jane, Marc and Nanda

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This winter I am talking another course at NESOP (New England School of Photography) in Boston - Creative Lighting I with Stephen Ostrowski.  This is the fourth class that I have taken  at NESOP and have loved and benefited from each of them. All of the instructors I have had have been wonderful and so informative. They get my creative juices flowing.

Here is a photo of Steve during a "pull your camera out and try this" session.
Notice one of my class mates reflection in the laptop screen.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mansfield Training School and Hospital

Mansfield, Connecticut // "Mansfield Training School and Hospital was a facility for the mentally disabled located in Mansfield, Connecticut, and run by the state of Connecticut. It was active from 1860 to 1993. Its former campus in Mansfield is a 350-acre historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.
The hospital opened in Lakeville in 1860 as the Connecticut School for Imbeciles at Lakeville. Its name was changed to the Connecticut Training School for the Feebleminded at Lakeville in 1915. Two years later, it merged with the Connecticut Colony for Epileptics (founded at Mansfield in 1910) and acquired its present name."
My friend Ken invited me to join him in an exploration photo shoot of this abandoned facility. We spent a lot of time walking around each building (there were probably about 6 or so) and taking shots of interesting things and findings on the outside as well as photographing inside through broken windows.  Near the end of our exploration of the campus, I spotted a door propped open by an old chair left by a previous visitor. This building seemed to be one of the dormitories.  The True exploration had just begun.....Please enjoy some of these photos from the inside of this building.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Iris and Craig

While in Florida, I was able to do a fun and fabulous photo shoot with my step-son Craig and his girlfriend Iris.
I could spend every day photographing these two......

My trip to Florida

So some of you may know, that I have not always been a huge fan of flying in big jets
 on long flights especially alone. 
This past November i flew to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with my relatives on my dad's side. 
And I flew alone for the first time.
 It was only 1 1/2 hours of air time so that was not too bad.
But last week I flew alone to Orlando Florida to visit my Step-son Craig and 
his girlfriend, Iris - a three hour flight.  And honestly, once I landed,
 I realized that I actually enjoyed flying!!

Please enjoy some of my photos that I took during this trip.

 Beautiful layers of white puffy clouds seen during my flight from Boston to Orlando.

 Seagulls on New Smyrna Beach Florida

 Craig, Iris and I spent several evenings of laughs playing this trivia board game.

 While at  Canaveral National Seashore, New Smyrna Beach Florida, with Craig and Iris,
 we came across this Armadillo on the side of the road. 
Amazing...I have never seen one up close and personal.

I got out of the car and sneaked up on it so it would not run away.  
But this animal was so interested in
digging into the ground to find dinner for himself.  
So i continued to snap about a dozen photos of this interesting creature.

Craig, Iris, and myself enjoyed a delicious at this German restaurant in downtown Sanford.
This live German band was amazing.

Flying Home to Boston.

Countie Family

Christmas Eve, I had a wonderful and fun photo shoot with the Countie Family.
Every single member of the family was there, all 20, and it was such and honor 
to be able to capture some wonderful memories for them. I feel that the best part of 
being a photographer, is that I get the chance to reconnect with old friends and develop new friendships.
And I have done just that with the Countie Family!!!