Saturday, October 15, 2011

Around Danvers

There is a trend these days not just in Danvers, not just in Massachusetts but in all of New England,
that towns and cities are converting old abandoned and unused railroad trails into walking/biking trails.
Some are being paved and some are just laid with gravel. But either way they are becoming more and more
popular for cyclists, walkers, joggers,etc. I love them. There is a nice trail in West Peabody that i like to ride my
bike on. It is a very cool to be able to see the towns as the trains did many many years ago. 

Once upon a time Danvers had two trains that came through the town.  The Newburyport line in Danvers that 
connects Wenham and Peabody is now a converted rail trail with gravel and I have had the chance to walk about 3 miles of it.  The other Railroad line connects Middleton and Peabody/Salem. That line is not developed into a rail trail yet.  Here is a photo of part of this abandoned trail that crosses Purchase Street, Danvers.

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