Monday, February 7, 2011

Smiling Faces in Caring Places

Day 8 and Dad is still in the MICU at Lahey in Burlington MA.
He made some amazing progress yesterday and was totally awake for 1 hour.
Although he could not talk because he had the breathing tube in, he nodded yes and no to our simple questions,
and opened his eyes wide and blinked. He was truly communicating with me and my brother Tom tonight.

I want to share with you all, some of the caring compassionate individuals 
that have been taking care of Dad.

Austin has been the Nurse Assistant in the MICU quite often during the past 8 days.

Casey was Dad's 7am - 7pm nurse on Sunday, Feb 6, 2011

Rachel was Dad's 7pm - 7am Nurse on Sunday evening, Feb 6-7, 2011
Rachel had such a sweet way about her and I was thrilled that she got to see dad in his 1 hour wakeful period. She was so gentle with him

Meet Bob....he has been Dad's nurse quite often during the the 7am - 7pm shifts.
I love the way he talks to dad in a very casual every day manner. And he tells dad everything 
that he is doing...Bob has a very easy way about him.

Say Hello to Mary, dad 's nurse on February 14th....such a sweet lady.
I have to say...that ever since dad has been at Lahey in Burlington (starting January 30, 2011), all of his caregivers have been wonderful.  I can;t say enough good things about them. And they have all been so friendly to us all and keep us informed of all his success and improvements.

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