Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Saturday with Friends

Last Saturday, I spent the day with my friend Joanne and her daughter Jolie. First we went to Hunt Photo in Melrose so Joanne could buy a new camera, the Nikon D7000. See Joanne is a fabulous photographer and I have been privileged to partner with her on some photo shoots. She has been using her trusty ol' Nikon D40 for quite a few years now and it has started to act up a it is now time for her to upgrade her camera...I am so happy for her. Joanne is loving her new camera.
After we left Hunt Photo we went to "Fat Cactus" for a yummy Mexican Lunch.  While we were waiting for our food, Joanne let Jolie use her trusty ol' D40. And Jolie was thrilled, taking photos of all kinds of things.
Like mother like daughter.
After lunch I had to get a mother daughter photo in front of this cool wall.

Joanne had a photo shoot in the afternoon at Annisquam Light in Gloucester,

And I tagged along, taking photos of Jolie and the light house.

Me and Jolie had fun making "Shadow People"...

And Enjoyed the Sunset...What a fabulous fun-filled day!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cape Ann Brewing Company

Cape Ann Brewing Co. is an award-winning, family-owned, microbrewery in the heart of downtown Gloucester on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  The brewery and brew pub are moving to a new location in Gloucester shortly and I was asked by my friends Jeremy Goldberg - Owner and Head Brewer of Cape Ann Brewing Co. and his wife Mary, to take photos of them in the brew house before they move.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marblehead by the Sea

It was a grey cool Saturday here in Essex County, but I had a great day with a few photog friends as we did a photowalk in Ol' Town Marblehead. Good friends, Good conversation and Good times. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day.

Welcome to the World Baby Emily

My friend Jennifer delivered a healthy baby girl, Emily Jean, on November 4, 10:16 AM, 21in. 8lbs 7 oz. 
I got the chance to visit Jen at the Hospital and hold sweet Emily.  Congratulations Jen and Shawn!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reflections of Umass-Amherst

When I first started to get really interested in photography about 4 years ago (can you believe it has been 4 years already??), I took photos of anything and everything...just immersed myself in photographing "things". I loved flowers, colors, macros, angles ... just things.  Then I started a "100 Strangers" project...which i never finished, but found that I really enjoyed taking photos of people. I love the eyes, the expressions, the smiles, and people in action...I found that my passion was photographing people...candids of people...everyday life. And that is may main interest now.   BUT...If I had to pick a second interest in photography, it would be reflections...I love making Layers with reflections...making the viewer wonder what they are really looking at...wondering what is the real thing and what is the reflection.

Below is one of my very first reflection photos that I took on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston along Huntington Ave. It was taken in March 2008.  What was interesting about this photo, was that i was inside an eatery with  my back towards the Huntington Street side...I took a photo of the window in front of me, which has objects infront of me, and reflections of the things behind me, and also reflections of the window and street behind me..very very complex but interesting;
 The red trash can is in front of me on the other side of the class that i am looking through.  
The People walking are behind me on Huntington ave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall is my favorite Season

I love the fall in New England.
I love the cooler crisp air, and the warm feeling that you get when you put your jeans on again
after having shorts on all summer.  
I love the colors of fall....makes the word so pretty.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I spent some time visiting an old friend today....