Saturday, September 18, 2010

Red House on the Farm - Amherst Ma

I drove out to UMass in Amherst today. I had to deliver some things to my son, Scott - some books that he needed for school, some clothes that he left behind at home and his new glasses (and by the way, the new glasses look awesome on him...they are frameless and show more of his face...i like them...he does too)

I took Scott and Mary (his girlfriend) out to lunch at Bertuccis then we went to the campus store so I could buy a maroon Umass hooded sweat shirt.  Then I dropped the kids off at their Anime Marathon.  It was nice to see Scott and Mary and visit with them a bit. They are doing really well.  And btw...Sept 10th they had their 7 year anniversary of dating each am so happy for them both, that they have found each other.

After I dropped them off, I drove around a bit and found some cool farm lands in Amherst. Would love to spend a weekend in the Amherst area in the fall when the leaves are changing...awesome photo opportunities.

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