Saturday, July 17, 2010

There are no Coincidences!

So Friday morning at 8:30am I got into my Jeep and headed South on Rt.1 to Cape Cod for a long overdue reunion with my college friend Carol.  Carol was renting a house in Dennis for a week and Friday was their last day there...It was just Carol and her long time friend Joan left, everyone had gone home the day I was looking for a fun filled "girls day and evening".

As soon as I arrived at  88 Hunter Way, we hugged hello, grabbed our beach gear and walked the 1/2 mile to the  beach. The tide was coming in when we arrived. We put sun tan lotion on, set up our chairs, went in the water, sat in our beach chairs, moved the beach chairs, sat in the beach chairs, went in the water, talked, laughed, moved the beach chairs, talked, laughed, put more sun tan lotions on.

It was a beautiful day on the beach and I was enjoying the relaxation, and the conversation with my long time friend Carol and new friend Joan. 

It was now about 3pm and Carol walked down to the water to get cool...she took her sunglasses off and put them on her head, as she did this the safety cord on them caught r her earring  and she watched her earring drop into the this was not an ordinary earring.  Carol has recently started a seaglass business and these were a special pair of her home-made brown seaglass earrings. Where she was standing, the water was still shallow enough that she could see the bottom of the ocean...Carol, looked and looked and looked in the water for her earring....she borrowed eye goggles so she could see better in the water...complete strangers helped look for the earring...but nothing.

We decided that we would go back to the house...shower change, get a bite to eat, and by about 6:30pm the tide will be going out and we would go back and try to find the earring. Before we left the beach we made note of the exact location that Carol was standing when the earring fell in the water. The spot was in a direct line down to the beach from these set of stairs.

After a nice fried seafood dinner of fried haddock, scallops, clams, shrimp and oysters, we headed back down to the beach.  As predicted, the tide was going out and the location that of the lost earring was clear of water, but full of small rocks and green sea weed. 

Carol , Joan and I split up and started carefully looking...Cause that is what friends do for each other.

  It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The earring was brown seaglass with a silver hoop..we keeped our eyes open for that silverness amongst the rocks.

The sunset was beautiful  and everyone was enjoying the beautiful evening air at the beach.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, Carol said, "I am ok with it, if you all wanna go, looks like we won't find it".
I looked up facing Joan and Carol (on the right) and said, "wait, let me get a photo of the two of you here".

And after I snapped two photos, I looked down, and right in front of my feet, I spotted a thin silver wire sticking out of the rocks...gasping, I bent down, picked it up and it was the missing earring!!!
Overwhelmed  and surprised, we all smiled, laughed and had a big group hug.
Seriously...what were the chances of finding that earring...and as we looked up, the earring had still been in the exact location as to where it fell into the was still in line with the staircase at the water line.
I was so thrilled that I was able to find that earring for Carol, cause I knew how much it meant to her. now we had to celebrate with ice cream. Yummmmm

When we finally got back to the house, we lit some candles and relaxed out side in the darkness on the patio, enjoying the last evening at the beach house together.

Then Carol, said that she had a pair of earrings in her hand, and she presented to me the brown seaglass earrings.  What was once so very special to her, she now wanted to pass on to me.
What a special gift from a Special Friend...Thank you my dear friend Carol.


Matthew said...

that's a nice story

Mermaids Purse said...

Terrific shots. Very generous and sweet of your friend to gift your with her earrings.
Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

another italian said...

I love your photos!