Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cigars "R" Us

Hubby and I
...spent the evening downtown Danvers (my hometown). Dinner at Supreme
Roast Beef and had my usual Jr.beef with mayo and cheese, onion rings
and medium coke. Then we walked down the street past Lorraine Roy Dress
Shop, Dunkin Donuts and Goodies Ice Cream, finally stopping in front of
"Cigars R Us". We chatting with the guys sitting on the bench outside
the store, who were smoking their cigars and enjoying themselves and
relaxing. Once they got comfortable with me and they realized I was not
there to harass them, they let me take their photos. And I assured
them that i would deliver prints to the store for them. What a nice
bunch of guys...they are not there to bother anyone, they are just there
to socialize and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Down Town Danvers.
They have gotten harassed in the past because of their cigar
smoking...but honestly..for the 30 minutes or so that we stood around
and chatted with these 4-5 men that were smoking their cigars...i could
barely smell the smoke. The smell of diesel engines was a stronger more
offensive smell. I thank them for their hospitality as I strolled
through the downtown streets of Danvers. I know we have made new

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