Sunday, June 13, 2010

We work well together

As some of you know that my love for photography has lead me to which is a photo sharing website.  Since I joined flickr almost 4 years ago, I have met, both in person and virtually, some wonderful photographers who I can now call my friends.  I have learned a lot and I have shared a lot. Flickr is such a fun and education experience for me.  And the one place that i can go to for inspiration, encouragement, laughter, smiles and a general feeling of happiness.

I do a lot of photo walk-abouts with photo friends, but yesterday was my first time doing a photowalk with flickr's "Boston Photo Mob" group.  We met in Waltham and there were 10 of us. Two  friends of mine went and the others were all new friends.  It was such a fun experience and despite the drizzly rain...We all had fun and got some awesome photos.  Am looking forward to my next outing with this group and meeting more new friends.

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