Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2 - A New Me you may be asking "where is day 1"?
Day 1 was yesterday and I didn't think to do this until today....let me explain...
March 2007 my Dr gave me a choice....change my diet and exercise or go on Cholesterol medication. I chose the healthy by August 2007 I had lost 15 lbs and lowered my Cholesteral dramaticly.  I felt great...but slowly over the course of a year I had gained back 10lbs and once again my cholesteral has gone back up.
I know what I need to do, but I have been struggling to eat right and get back on my stepper...I just have not found the motivation. I keep saying "tomorrow...I will start tomorrow". But tomorrow never comes. And then tomorrow gets me in a deeper hole that I have to dig my self out of.
So yesterday, was finally my tomorrow...I spent 30 minutes on the stepper.  And today is day 2 with 30 minutes on the stepper.
I am not writing this for sympathy...but for  puting this out there to keep me honest and true to myself.
So I am starting a new project "A New Me". Don't worry I won't be posting photos of myself each day...ugh. But I will continue to post photos that I take and inspire me and chronicle my progress and my struggles...This I hope will keep me motivate and honest...please feel free to comment and push me....I need it
Love and Peace

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