Sunday, July 19, 2009

121/365 - Reids Knot

Got up early Sunday morning and headed up to Gloucester Ma to volunteer my photography services. Took photos at the finish line, for the 5th Annual Reid's Ride Bike-a-thon which is the core fund-raising event for the Reid R Sacco Memorial Foundation in its mission to support scientific and clinical research targeted at cancers striking adolescents and young adults.

Reid Sacco passed away in April 2005, at the age of 20, after a two-year battle with sarcoma. In his short life, he inspired and touched an incredible number of people with his courage, perseverance, ambition, hope, humor, intelligence, humility, generosity, and kindness.

This bracelet was designed by a local jeweler and is named "Reid's Knot".
Take time to read the story behind this braclet.

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