Sunday, May 31, 2009

72/365 - Fracture the story goes something like this.
Last evening I went out shooting by myself, drove around Salem, tooks photos of flowers and boys playing basketball. Then I drove to Danvers, down the port area and took some nice shots of the boats on the Danvers River. As I was walking back to the car, I stepped of the sidewalk and stepped wrong and I went down...hard. No worries camera was fine. But my ankle that is another story. I hobbled painfully back to the jeep and every push on the gas pedal and brake sent excruciating pain into my ankle and up my leg. Made it home...hobbled in the super neighbor Janet brought over and ice pack....went to bed.

This morning..swelling went down a little...but still could not walk or put pressure on it. So hubby took me to the Hospital for xrays...Prognosis...Hair line fracture in the right ankle and a broken second toe on my left foot....well at least the Canon 40D is fine!!
so..i have my ankle wrapped, have to wear this aircast, have crutches and have to see the ortheopedic doctor on Wednesday . looks like no GOLF today!!
How was YOUR day??

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